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Coffee, Tea, and Sugar Jar Galore!: Interior Design Ideas

Coffee, Tea, and Sugar Jar Galore!: Interior Design Ideas

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Coffee, Tea, and Sugar Jar Galore!

Posted: 10 Dec 2010 05:20 AM PST

Doesn’t it seem like home canning jars have been around to preserve things (anything!) since the beginning of time? Well they have really only been around since the mid 1800′s, but with every passing century we are still finding ways to reinvent the jar with new styles, forms and designs. Below are some really beautiful jars we found that should compliment any possible style of home decor! However, what hasn’t changed is the stuff that goes into these jars so the labels continue to read the same, and it looks like sugar, coffee, tea, and flour will always take precedence for a royal production of caffeine and baked goods! So take a look at some sweet stylish ways people are packing jars in their kitchens…

This is a sweet contemporary collection of ceramic jars with wooden lids. We wouldn’t recommend you shake these…

A classic retro approach to jarring ingredients, and gray goes with anything!

These cool techie designs are modern alright, and so fun with their color coordinated lids.

Now this is an interesting design and goes with country rustic decor for sure!

Looks like the designer of this collection didn’t want to leave a single product behind, well except for the “I” which contains…ice? (If you’re not very organized this set is not for you…(Check the freezer!))

The original old fashioned glass jars with hinged lids and boldly contemporary labels. We approve!

These cuties are made of porcelain and have labels on their eyeballs for Sugar, Tea, and Coffee! (via)

So they’ve found a new way to market comic strips! Who couldn’t use a good laugh in the morning?

Back to the old school with these beautifully scripted vintage style jars.

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