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Living-cum-Dining Inspiration: Interior Design Ideas

Living-cum-Dining Inspiration: Interior Design Ideas

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Living-cum-Dining Inspiration

Posted: 21 Dec 2010 09:53 AM PST

Most city dwellers live in modest size apartments which don’t have enough room for an independent dining room. For those of you looking to accommodate these two rooms in a constrained space, this post should serve some inspiration. These visuals by conceptual designer Orlando Toro show excellent examples of spaces that integrate living with dining. Bright splashes of color and large graphic prints dominate most these spaces and they portray a less serious side of modern design with focal points that set a rich whimsical tone. Scroll to take a playful ride through some funky free-spirited living spaces…

Orange is the predominant accent color for the walls in this living /dining space.

This graphic accent wall is funky but not overpowering.

This orange sofa makes it known where the boss sits in the room.

The living room furniture is monochromatic like the kitchen/dining area, but they are both complimentary.

This open plan has an overall gray color scheme which ties everything in seamlessly.

This checkered area rug defines the living space in this small open apartment.

You can’t go wrong with monochromatic cream colored furniture to please the eye from one space to another.

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