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House With Insane Sea View: Interior Design Ideas

House With Insane Sea View: Interior Design Ideas

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House With Insane Sea View

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 08:08 AM PST

Are you willing to shell out $25,000,000 for a house? If so, this is what you could gun for. Sprawled on 11,000 square feet, the Razor house commands mind-boggling views of sea and nature. Designed by Wallace E. Cunningham, (one of AD top 100), the house sports 4 bedrooms, 6 baths, a fabulous two level guest house and features private access to Black’s Beach. Maybe it is the floor to ceiling glass or the look of that garage, but it definitely it conjures up visions of the Iron Mans’ House.



house surrounded by blue water

lounge with a sea view

glass walls gorgoues home



spectacular views from the house

gorgeous and humongous home

view of the sea

white spiral staircases

huge underground parking

beautiful white bedroom

gorgeous house on a hill top

a picturesque location

massive house

the exterior

amazing house view

And when you own a house like this, I guess it is only natural that it becomes the venue for shoots like these:

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