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Beautiful Studio Loft of a Swedish Artist: Interior Design Ideas

Beautiful Studio Loft of a Swedish Artist: Interior Design Ideas

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Beautiful Studio Loft of a Swedish Artist

Posted: 17 Mar 2011 02:41 AM PDT

Artist Carouschka Streijffert created the loft Studio in Stockholm by combining differing senses of geometry in order to heighten the experience of the user. The sculptural nature of the space plays with the observer’s feeling of expectancy.

The playful changing forms of the windows seem somewhat random yet work together to create a cohesive livable space. The library sports items from Le Corbusier and a handmade rug by Carouschka. The atypical open plan of the living areas steps away from the norm by changing a person's sense of space. The library drops down in height from the living spaces, providing an unusual view of the kitchen. This further enhances the scullery layout of the kitchen, revealing the marble and birch finishes used in its construction.

Another feature that is a focal point is the stepped chimney which both hides the stairs and leads you to them. These strong lineal elements of these features contrast to the sculptural and organic nature of the walls and ceilings which almost seem to grow from the floor.

The external skin reflects the internal workings of the space. The geometrical nature of the studio is evident in everything from the bathtub to the balustrade to floors, walls and ceiling. This dichotomous nature proves to be a success through its innovative way of combining ideals which both contradict yet work together.

Stepped down libraryand Le Corbusier chair Cylindrical small town library and Le Corbusier chair Step forming chimney Step forming chimney and modern living space Sloped ceiling in open plan living spaces modern scullery kitchen modern scullery kitchen in carrara marble birch and raw steel Entry  spiral staircase and incredible free standing bath Model of space Arched window and studio space Arched window made from reinforced steel and stainless steel bolts View Floor plan 1 Floor plan 2

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