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Futuristic Black and White Apartment: Interior Design Ideas

Futuristic Black and White Apartment: Interior Design Ideas

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Futuristic Black and White Apartment

Posted: 27 Jun 2011 12:16 PM PDT

This unique black and white apartment, from company Geometrix may be a design option for some who love the futuristic style and may bring to mind spaceships. The apartment, with its overwhelming white glossy finishes (not only on the floors, but also the ceilings and walls), is like a protective cocoon, airtight, sealed, and compactly built perhaps to shield one from any potentially dangerous outdoor elements… The installation of lights in the ceilings and wall panels, often zig zag to create the illusion of being within either a nightclub or a spaceship.

A highlighted zagging line on the ceiling lights up this black and white modern living area. The ultimate living area, complete with a white leather, wraparound couch, fuzzy black carpeting, shiny black coffeetable, and huge-screen television. A far cry from your traditional cherrywood dining room table and classic dining room design, this dining area boasts white marble floors, glass columns that separate it from the living area, comfortable black modern chairs, and recess lighting. black and white dining room and kitchen You will really relax in this simple, black and white, modern sitting area. black and white room A modern yet relaxing bedroom with wood floors and interesting lighting on the walls and ceiling. white and black bedroom2 A completely modern, black and white walk-in closet. white and black entertainment room A white and grey marble bathroom complete with a glass-paneled jacuzzi/shower. white and grey bathroom2 white and grey bathroom3 A sleek, grey and white bathroom with subtle graphic prints on the walls offers something unique. A modern white and wood office area maximizes space and organization by installing panels into the wall for books and an insert for a television screen.

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