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“Limitless” Movie Villa: Interior Design Ideas

“Limitless” Movie Villa: Interior Design Ideas

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“Limitless” Movie Villa

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 06:27 AM PDT

You may remember Bradley Cooper partying it up in this serenely beautiful villa in a scene from “Limitless.” That perception is not too far off, for this villa has become a popular staple for a truly romantic and dramatic, Mexican beach wedding. Located in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Casa China Blanca, with its modern and sleek design, overlooks the Pacific Ocean’s Banderas Bay.

limitless movie shot limitless luxury house limitless movie resort limitless movie location casachina blanca sunset by pool casa-china-blanca-interior white walls and pink marble floors casachina blanca dining outside casachina blanaca bed-by-pool casachina blanca white villa-with-sea-view and pool casachina blanca white bedroom2 With nearly completely white interiors, paired with luxurious pink marble floors - the resort villa exudes rest and relaxation. The large winding balconies boast a spectacular view, particularly during sundown. casachina blanca pool sea view The modern pool almost spills out to the bay. The simple white walls of the villa make it peaceful and pristine enough for a wedding ceremony, while the interiors are spacious enough to accommodate a large and lively reception. casachina blanca black kitchen island casachina blanca bedroom-with-view casachina blanca bedroom-courtyard The floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors offer breathtaking views of exquisite, blue seas. casa-china-private room casa-china-blanca-living room How much will it cost you for one night at this stunning resort? Oh, just $2,500 during high season... casa china blanca house-by-sea with pool and view of ocean

Yet, many couples still have their dream weddings at Casa China and have even documented them for our viewing pleasure on Vimeo:

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