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Victor Canas’ Costa Rican Getaway House: Interior Design Ideas

Victor Canas’ Costa Rican Getaway House: Interior Design Ideas

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Victor Canas’ Costa Rican Getaway House

Posted: 22 Jun 2011 10:48 AM PDT

Listen to the waves break below as you sit on your pool deck from this amazing, 4,500 square foot house.

“I’ve rarely worked with a site as dramatic as this,” said Victor Cañas of the site of this stunning house, set inside a cliff overlooking the Costa Rican waters of the Guanacaste province. “The location demanded a structure that embraces it.”

So after being appointed by a young couple to design this vacation house for them and their small son, Canas knew he had to respect and embrace the nature all around him. “The house is basically an excuse to enjoy the beautiful surroundings,” he continues. “Because of the climate, you live outside as much as you do in, so I eliminated virtually any borders between those two worlds.”

The house boasts a spectacular view of the blue Costa Rican waters, and parts of it even float atop a rock-filled pond. The house is designed to be as connected to the outdoors as possible. The cross-ventilation created by several open rooms allows the Papagayo winds to cool the house. A view from the glass paneled walls from the bedroom. Canas says you can "see Nicaragua from the bed." If you are a water lover, you will love this house since it incorporates the beauty and purity of water everywhere it can. As you bathe, you can look out at the pool and the ocean. A wooden bridge connects the family room to two of the four bedrooms in the house. The hallway creates the allusion of stepping stones. Canas used concrete here because "it's a great minimalist material. It's uniform, textured, and man-made but still natural-looking." The "stepping stones" of the foyer are set atop a rock-filled pond--more water, more outside indoors. A tree seems to grow out of the wooden, outdoor deck. The sun deck seems to float atop the pool. deck floating on a pool2 costa rica house with pool and marble patio An infinity pool seems to further connects the house to the ocean just below. The entire house is covered in glass, instead of solid walls--to take total advantage of the majestic view. exterior view of large modern house with view of costa rica beach

Images via Canas Arquitectos.

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