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Beautiful Architecture: House with Pool in Johannesburg: Interior Design Ideas

Beautiful Architecture: House with Pool in Johannesburg: Interior Design Ideas

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Beautiful Architecture: House with Pool in Johannesburg

Posted: 11 Jul 2011 10:15 AM PDT

This modern, stunning house, almost virtually built into the ground below it and the trees around it, is located in beautiful Johannesburg, South Africa, and was rendered by Nico van der Meulen Architects . The interiors were designed by M Square Lifestyle Design.

Because the land it was built on is naturally sloped, a basement was built on the lower side to create a stepped effect. Outdoor view of nico house and pool2 Outdoor view of house The house is designed to adjust to a changing climate year-round. It offers sun control and cross-ventilation features. An illuminated glass staircase will impress any visitor. A koi pond, located near the front entrance, flows from a retaining wall. living area of nico house Several glass and marble "bridges" connected by stainless steel cabe, bring together different areas of the house. White marble tiles line the floors of the living area nico bathroom tub and large windows The entire house was designed around 3 massive trees on the property. The kitchen is so closely situated to one of the trees, that one would literally be able to feed a nest of birds from the kitchen window! The pool deck is a play on outdoor-indoor. The den or deck area is easily accessible to the infinity pool area. All of the dens and lounges of the house lead to an outdoor space or balcony. The bathroom also includes a sliding panel that opens up to one of the trees outside. The bidet and toilet are housed in an enclosure within the bathroom. The master bedroom is also surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, with the branches of the trees almost poking into the room. The design is luxurious and inviting, yet modern. Soft and fuzzy materials combined with a neutral color palette make the design of this room truly comfy and bedroom-appropriate.

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