Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Dozen Spots That Make Us Say ‘Wow!’: Interior Design Ideas

A Dozen Spots That Make Us Say ‘Wow!’: Interior Design Ideas

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A Dozen Spots That Make Us Say ‘Wow!’

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 10:21 AM PDT

Yes, it is vacation season for most of us, and while some may prefer to go as far away as Greece, or even further (Zanzibar!), a select few might prefer to stick to their homes or simply due to work or other obligations, will dream about vacation, instead of actually going. These images are to inspire those of you searching for the perfect vacation spot this year, or to offer a bit of relaxation to those of you who will not be going on vacation at all! Just looking at these photos, is extremely soothing… So, enjoy!

This modern take on a Bora Bora hut floats on top of cool blue waters. Wake up in the morning and ride your slide down into the beautiful ocean. exotic rainforest vacation spot This quirky restaurant really exists on a beautiful beach called Zanzibar in Tanzania, Africa. The majestic Santorini islands are known for their overuse of white architecture--set against the blue ocean and sky, it makes for a truly soothing and aesthetically pleasing vacation spot. This rustic, beach-side hideaway, is quintessentially Mediterreanean and simply, gorgeous. George Krallis amazing villa with pool and yacht dock Thilima 3D couple with dog on winter vacatio n Can you imagine standing on this balcony that practically hangs over clear blue waters? via Something about being able to float atop your pool, makes for a completely relaxing experience. This modern, stripped down version of a traditional, American coast beach-house, is located in Jupiter, Florida. Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects Designer Vladislav Dechev designed this tranquil lily pond house.

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