Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hieu Nguyen’s Versatile Designs: Interior Design Ideas

Hieu Nguyen’s Versatile Designs: Interior Design Ideas

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Hieu Nguyen’s Versatile Designs

Posted: 25 Jul 2011 07:56 AM PDT

Designer Hieu Nguyen designs modern, minimalistic, and clean interiors with an edge. The following collection of images are a testament to his versatility–there are muted color palettes with simple, fluid renderings for the bachelor-pad-worthy rooms, and more vibrant, oranges and warm wood accents for a kids’ room and guest room sitting area. His designs span castle-inspired interiors, complete with hanging, iron-wrought chandeliers, wooden and stone interiors, and deep red tapestries to sleek, modern, white kitchens and luxurious living rooms for the modern-day home-owner. Nguyen’s work cuts across the board on various moods, color palettes, styles, age groups, and social groups and is a truly impressive collection.

nguyen bedroom side view nguyen bedroom nguyen small bedroom nguyen bedroom with closet nguyen brown living room nguyen bedroom with window zen-bedroom nguyen modern living area nguyen red and denim living room nguyen orange sitting area nguyen orange kids bedroom nguyen modern kitchen nguyen living room modern with open kitchen nguyen brown and white living room nguyen beige living room

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