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Open, Modern Kitchens with Few Pops of Color: Interior Design Ideas

Open, Modern Kitchens with Few Pops of Color: Interior Design Ideas

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Open, Modern Kitchens with Few Pops of Color

Posted: 01 Jul 2011 12:14 PM PDT

The open kitchen has been a modern design staple for some time now. The pros of such an open and airy space, are many. They allow people to freely flow in and out of the adjoining rooms, and are usually closely located near a dining room or breakfast nook, which encourages togetherness, closeness and an all-around more social, and more interactive environment. These open kitchen designs are all designed by Italian designer, Armando Ferriani . All of the kitchens featured here are modern, open, and mostly white, except for the few pops of color in each and every one.

This kitchen is simply an island and cabinetry, mostly composed of white steel, but with touches of pretty purples and blues in the decor and kitchen utensils. This kitchen is the least open out of them all, but it does lead into the breakfast nook white kithceen8 white kitchen9 This design is perhaps my favorite out of the bunch, because I feel it melds the traditional, antique, rustic elements with the modern ones. The white cabinetry is reminiscent of a country farm, as is the dark wood flooring, yet the planks in the ceiling help to streamline the room and the simple furniture offers the modern vibe. white and wood kitchen4 white and wood kitchen white and red ktichen3 white and red kitchen2 Ferriani likes to play subtley with color. Here, the kitchen is a simple grey and white that trails off into a yellow and white living area. The cabinetry here is interesting, jumping from white to grey to blue. white and blue kitchen7 This kitchen is very attached, or is just an extension of the living area space. This funky kitchen employs mostly white in its cabinetry, but offers pops of unexpected mustard yellow and eggshell blue here and there. This beige and white kitchen is very open and connected to the rooms adjoining it. It only seems to be separated by the deep blue (a nice color choice) large cupboard area. This brown and white kitchen is nicely understated. Instead of additional shelves or cabinetry, the design is further simplified by attaching a single rack that lines the wall above the sink, and open "storage" space underneath part of the counter area.

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