Tuesday, September 20, 2011

House With Spectacular Downtown City Views: Interior Design Ideas

House With Spectacular Downtown City Views: Interior Design Ideas

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House With Spectacular Downtown City Views

Posted: 19 Sep 2011 09:32 AM PDT

Located on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, this 7,000 square foot house by McClean Design, is divided in half by water features and a pool, and offers scenic views from West LA to Santa Monica to the Catalina Islands. The views and dividing pool are central to the design of the house. The layout was created to maximize access to the views and the water begins at the driveway with a water wall around which the entry sequence is wrapped. At the main level of the house, the water is then represented by an ornamental pool that descends into the spa below, after which it becomes a 75-foot-long lap pool which runs over the slope and into the view. The entry to the house is a glass bridge over a pool below. The master bedroom and study are located on one side of the pool, the living areas on the other. There are several guestrooms, a media room and a four car garage on the ground floor. The materials are all largely concrete, wood and stone, to create a soft, contemporary look.

Blue Jay Way deck and layered pools

blue jay terrace at night

blue jay terrace at night 2

blue jay deck with fire and water

blue jay way neutral bedroom with night view

blue jay bedroom and view

blue jay kitchen with white island and modern design

blue jay ktichen 2

blue jay living room with open window views

blue jay open living room with beautiful view

blue jaybedroom and view

blue jay way bathroom sink

blue jay way bathroom

blue jay way den with tv

blue jay way interior pool zen

blue jay way neutral modern dining room

blue jay way office

blue jay way pool with view

blue jay way stairs and hallway

blue jay way stairs

blue jay way walk in closet

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