Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration: Interior Design Ideas

Kitchen Inspiration: Interior Design Ideas

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Kitchen Inspiration

Posted: 19 Jan 2011 08:14 AM PST

Today we feature the work of Meedo, a Poland based design studio that specializes in architectural visualization. They have an impressive portfolio and we thought the kitchens were especially well put together. While most of these renderings wouldn’t pass for photorealism, some of them feature solutions for spaces that are ‘life-like’ (read short-on-area). They also show off open living concepts and there are even one or two images that portray one room living.

open kitchen living

open kitchen

black kitchen

modern kitchen fancy lighting

stylish kitchen traditional

white island kitchen chandlier

kitchen chandlier

white wood green kitchen

white kitchen blue accents

red kitchen

single room living

kitchen biege wood accents

modern style kitchen

black red kitchen

kitchen dining

artistic kitchen

traditional kitchen

modern white kitchen wood

If you are on the look out for kitchens of a specific color we recommend you check out our color-specific features on kitchens:

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