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Rainbow House: House of Fun in London: Interior Design Ideas

Rainbow House: House of Fun in London: Interior Design Ideas

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Rainbow House: House of Fun in London

Posted: 16 May 2011 08:29 AM PDT

Among some people, the inner child screams for release. Such people might live in London's Rainbow Home, designed by Ab Rogers Design in collaboration with DA Studio. The project presents an other worldly cartoon-like feel made for those young at heart.

Bibulous colors and designs compete with oversized furniture and an indoor playground for attention in this multi-story private abode. Frenzy builds up after a few minutes of being surrounded by reflective surfaces: walls are lacquered white or mirrored, and everything shines to a high pitch. Even the floors seem to move with mesmerizing designs, easily causing the adult visitor a light punch to the equilibrium.

Those who don't like roller coasters are about as likely to prefer this abode. Through an easy-to-miss covered hole in the upstairs master suite floor one can easily fetch cookies and milk by whisking down a curvy slide. Otherwise, one may transcend a spiral staircase that quickly and crazily shifts through a rainbow of colors.

Take a video tour.

Meanwhile, look out for Lewis Carroll and Sir James Matthew Barrie along the yellow brick road that leads to this house.

yellow interior design fun slide interior family fun in colorful London living room vertical and horizontal color floor has hole by which to enter the slide furniture form and color fit for a Barbie uniquely open floor plan in bedroom white bedroom is bright with windows floor leads down the rabbit hole in London fun house white bathroom a contrast to rest of coloful house plant life grounds whimsical house not a moment of boredom in this childlike house


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