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Basketball Court Converted to Fantastic Home: Interior Design Ideas

Basketball Court Converted to Fantastic Home: Interior Design Ideas

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Basketball Court Converted to Fantastic Home

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 11:21 AM PDT

The very first YMCA in the U.S. got a face-lift, after “The Apartment” designers completely converted its 7,000 square foot, basketball court and running track into a 5-bedroom luxury apartment. The result is a behemoth-sized, minimalist, but colorfully-decorated residence, that still retains some of the elements of a basketball court (such as the court floors of the bedrooms and walk-in closet, a simple bathroom lined with small, white tiles, and a kitchen so big it could seat and feed two or more basketball teams).

basketball room bball5 "The Apartment" group worked on everything from the architecture to the decor. New building techniques were applied and even an indoor garden was built. "The Apartment" group wanted to retain some of elements of the old basketball court, and so decided to keep the basketball court flooring in the private areas of the house, such as this bedroom. The wallpaper was even designed by "The Apartment" company themselves. bballroom3 bball15 bball8 A 12-person home theater was installed. A 30-foot long kitchen was designed and built by "The Apartment." bball11 bball10 bball7 bball6 bball4

Upon its realization, the “basketball apartment” was the setting for various tv shows, movies, and photo-shoots, including “Ugly Betty” and the film, “Music and Lyrics.” The designers reflected on the finished project by stating that they, “…Got everything we always wanted to try on client projects and never could. It was a design lab of sorts.”

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