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House With Floor To Ceiling Glass And Beautiful Nature Views: Interior Design Ideas

House With Floor To Ceiling Glass And Beautiful Nature Views: Interior Design Ideas

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House With Floor To Ceiling Glass And Beautiful Nature Views

Posted: 15 Aug 2013 07:54 AM PDT

This home located in the Kingston region of London is the perfect place for someone looking to feel connected with nature. The wow factor of this house is the floor to ceiling glass that extends throughout the kitchen and dining space. The patio outside seems as if it is inside the home because of the glass walls that bring the outside in and the inside out. The extension gives a full view of the large back yard which is surrounded by trees and plant life creating a natural privacy barrier.

The theme to the design throughout the home is natural lighting. The crisp white walls also brighten up the space even more. As you look through the photos, you can see how each room is bathed in natural light from the abundance of windows. Even the living room which is adjacent to the glass extension benefits from all the sunlight filling the kitchen and dining space. The hardwood floors shine with the rays coming through the glass. And just when you think it can’t get any more radiant, the home has various skylights in the dining room, small living space in the extension, and in the bathroom. The use of all this natural light opens up the home to the outside, so you can enjoy the scenery no matter what the weather is like that day.

glass extension kitchen space

glass wall kitchen

glass kitchen backsplash

backsplash outside view

glass extension dining area

living space with glass wall

kitchen dining glass extension home

open space glass wall

open glass extension patio

extra space outside patio glass

natural light living space

outside views from kitchen backsplash

outside inside views with glass extension

outside inside space

sitting area glass extension

kitchen open area

simple design seating area

casual seating area

outside lighting living space

open to outside living

built in shelving wall

open foyer

open staircase

white bedroom space

walnut furniture white bedroom

simple clean bathroom design

glass shower design

outside view in patio

outside patio space

back of glass extension home

glass wall home rear

large yard

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